Transmutations at the Marlin and Regina Miller Art Gallery

Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA

September 4 – October 5, 2014

Using a technique of seamless digital collage, I create imagery that is at once familiar and mysterious, enchanting and disorienting. Scale, color, texture, and juxtaposition compete and coalesce to transform the ordinary into fictional vignettes. Through aesthetic seduction and subversion, my works become visual Venus flytraps, worlds of beauty interwoven with moments of surprise and discomfort.


This project manifests itself in still images, short digital videos as well as small sculptural pieces, all derived from similar visual sources.  Motion allows me to explore the mutations and image morphing in time. The fluidity and sensual aspects along with the visceral qualities create a hovering effect for the visuals, which remain in a continuous cycle of blooming and withering, much like the flora in the world and as depicted in time-lapse nature films.


Games and play informed the interactive sculptural works, which viewers are invited to explore to create image combinations or to solve the visual conundrums reminiscent of wood-block puzzles. As the visitors juxtapose image cubes, they experience an aspect of my creative process – seeking visual connections.

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