Domestic Debris – series


Digitally composed photographs

Artist Statement

In this work I come to accept, and even embrace, the accumulation of debris in my domestic environment. Delighting in naturally occurring and unexpected juxtapositions I participate in the play and games of discovery. Chaos and harmony along with beauty and repulsion seek reconciliation as I visualize my life as humorous, disgusting, and fun – filled with dreams and surprises.

Bunny & Peony with Comet and Cactus, 2007Bugs & Toothpaste Stains, 2008Party Remains, 2008Disfigured Cake Form with Plant & Puzzle, 2007Jellyfish & Sour Skittles on Icing Glue, 2008Fading Flowers & Melting Ice Cream, 2010Bunny in Ice Cream & Flowers, 2009Hairy Pen & Leaves, 2009Dreams & Dried-up Leaves #1, 2008Bagged Sea Shells, Letters & Other Treasures, 2008Windows, Games & Reflections, 2010Carousel with Dinosaur Pinata, 2010Dragonfly & Recyclables, 2008Meteorite, Minerals & Scales, 2010Spider Trapped in Soap, Curtains, 2007My Turn, 2007Sticky Bug on Icing Glue, 2008Green Marbles & Bread Crumbs on Counter, 2008Gift Bag, Window & Rubber Critter, 2008Gloomy Interior, 2007Pretend Habitat with Beetles, 2008Under the Surface I, 2010Under the Surface II, 2010Beads, Trinkets & Minnie Mouse Ears, 2010

All images © Kati Toivanen