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All packed up

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. 156 pounds of equipment and supplies along with a new suite of about 20 images are headed home.

VCCA Open Studio

A fellow Fellow Christine Piper from Australia at my open studio.

Open Studio Talk (photo credit goes to Christine Piper).

I see Natasha on the left .


Lois Marie Harrod reading her wonderful poetry in my studio. Her works are at once humorous and profound – a powerful combo.


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Snow Day!

Mike had prepared a fire for us in the morning, but being such busy bees, nobody stayed to enjoy. We all headed to the studios.

Found outside studio

Carol Irving found these for me in Lynchburg.

A “field trip” from VCCA to Monticello with Miriam and Natasha


Thomas Jefferson was quite a guy – spoke several languages, drafted the Declaration of Independence, founded the University of Virginia, and was keenly interested in sciences. He personally designed the architecture of his home Monticello so that, among many other interesting features, he could be reading and easily carrying multiple books at all times. “I cannot live without books” is one of his famous quotes.

While the Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal” and have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” the author Thomas Jefferson also had over 600 slaves over his lifetime at Monticello, creating a curious contradiction.


Mulberry Row, where slaved, free, and indentured workers and craftsmen lived and worked in small stone, frame, and log buildings.

The workers were allowed to grow vegetables in these fields for their own use and to sell to the plantation owners. They had to do this work after sundown and on Sundays.

VCCA work space

Week one is closing in…

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VCCA commute

This is the daily commute, a 2-minute walk from the residence.

The office and residence seen through the horse pasture.

Studio Barn at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

I am finally here and hard at work. Visual Arts 5 is my studio on the left side of the Studio Barn.

VCCA first week in the studio

Studio during the first week of residency.


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VCCA Residence

Fellows’ residence at sunset.