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Viterbo University – Collage Workshop

Lecture on Collage, Computer Demonstration and Hands-on workshop with students.

February 1, 2017

Photos courtesy of Associate Professor Joseph Miller

Kanyon’s cool collage.

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Viterbo University – Exhibit Installation Images

Art, Undone!

Art in the Park 2016 concluded on October 7.

What took three days to install came off in 30 minutes.

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KC Flatfiles at the H&R Block Artspace

Wall curated by Joe Houston
August 31 – September 10, 2016

from left to right: Joha Bisone, Lynn Benson, Kati Toivanen, Anne Austin Pearce —

at H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute.

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2016 Art in the Loop Catalog

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Art in the Loop 2016 –

Overview of this year’s Art in the Loop Projects.



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Mix & Match – Fun with Collage

Facebook link

Wonderful collages by participants of a collage workshop.

Hopscotch – “Spying” on pedestrians

Hopscotch – Installation Day 2 – Finished

Finally we got all the prints in and tucked into the grooves. This was probably the most challenging installation, physically and technically, that I have ever done. The wind and the heat truly put my abilities to the test.

Luke, my installation assistant, “testing” the art.



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Hopscotch – Color Matching

Oh, so many grays. Matching concrete and pavement grays is one of the most challenging color balancing acts. Here are some pictures of the more than a dozen trips to match my prints to the target environment.

It can get really windy downtown, so that is why I am often either standing on the samples or have tape rolls or rulers holding them in place.

5-22-2016 – first stab at the challenge and not even close.


5-25-2016 – AM

5-25-2016 – PM


The initial tests are done with my own printer, but this is using the final material used for the installation – AlumiGraphics Grip. I took segments of each square and I also made a test strip of solid concrete (seen on the side) to be able to make some educated guesses and final adjustments.

I got a little help that day.

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