Hopscotch – Installation Day 2 – morning

Making progress.

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Hopscotch – Installation Day 1 – morning

Picking up prints from Alphagraphics in Overland Park, KS. Last print coming out and color tests on the table.

Emily Sloan-Evans helped brainstorm on my installation technique.

My “workstation” – it was brutally hot with no shade.

Made some new friends: Rod from the Planning Department in City Hall.

At the end of Day 1 I only had these panels done, thanks to Chris who came to my rescue at 6:30 PM. The wind was so crazy that everything was blowing away and I could not hold down a single print. I know it looks very peaceful, but I had to lie down on a print so that it would not catch wind under it.

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Lawrence Sculpture Walk June 10, 2016

Lead by Porter Arneill and curator James Martin and nice group of local art enthusiasts endured the incredible heat and spent a better part of the evening looking at the works included in this year’s Lawrence Outdoor sculpture exhibition.

This is the top of the one panel that was already taken in the first week or two of the exhibition.

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Hopscotch – Color Matching

Oh, so many grays. Matching concrete and pavement grays is one of the most challenging color balancing acts. Here are some pictures of the more than a dozen trips to match my prints to the target environment.

It can get really windy downtown, so that is why I am often either standing on the samples or have tape rolls or rulers holding them in place.

5-22-2016 – first stab at the challenge and not even close.


5-25-2016 – AM

5-25-2016 – PM


The initial tests are done with my own printer, but this is using the final material used for the installation – AlumiGraphics Grip. I took segments of each square and I also made a test strip of solid concrete (seen on the side) to be able to make some educated guesses and final adjustments.

I got a little help that day.

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Hopscotch – I was willing to jump on this granade

To make an authentic image of a spilled ice cream cone for the Hopscotch square, I picked up a box of waffle cones and a gallon of strawberry ice cream from the local store, and on a nice warm day, it melted pretty quickly in my driveway. However, I got the image I needed. And my son got to enjoy ice cream cones for days.

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Hopscotch – Testing the Materials at the Site – The City Hall, KCMO

I took some previously printed images to the site to test and practice my technique. I plan to tuck the sides in and around the corners to secure them. The size will be a challenge (each panel is 50″ x 50″ with an inch of extra to tuck in/trim). Also, several of the panels will span across three squares.



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Hopscotch – Studio Peeks

Here are some pictures of the planning process and making of the public art project.



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Treasure Hunt – Installing at the Lawrence City Parks & Recreation

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The making of “Treasure Hunt” – matching the pebble color of the trash can panels

This is pass 2.

Pass 4.

Version 5 – getting closer.

Two at a time, 6 and 7 – closer but not quite there yet. Now, I am also really hoping that this can has the same color pebbles as the ones in Lawrence.

I think I got it.

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KC Studio Online Review of Winter Stream at Epsten Gallery


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